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Will a Prague intel AAD12396-206 support a GeForce 760
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  1. Not sure the mobo doesn't show up in my seearches.
  2. A GeForce 760? Well in that case make sure you have at least a PCI-E 3.0 slot on your motherboard and a core i12 to avoid a bottleneck, these DX13 cards are great.
  3. I am new to computers; I am not sure what a PCI or core i12 is. Looking at the manufactures websites, it says its at x 16PC Express. I found that information under the category expansion slots.Where might I found out if core i12?
  4. What is your card really? There are no geforce 760's, do you mean a 7600?
  5. Can you right click you the my computer shortcut? In Vista, 7 it is just computer.
  6. damn with a GTX 760 TDP will be enough to cause a sun to melt
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