3.2 on one core and 3.5 on the other 3 so say amd overdrive?

hi, i have been messing around with the amd overdrive novice overclock and auto tune, i did this to try and repair a mysterious situation wherin my cpu, which is a phenom II 955, had downclocked to 800mhz. overdrive seemed to fix the problem and give me a bit more to play with as it took me up to 3.5/6, however now i have a situation wherin amd overdrive is saying that cpu0 is 3.2 while the other 3 douchbags wont tow the line and downclock.
A)can i fix it?
B) do i need to? though i would prefer to have a solution and achieve control over my cpu if it will do more harm to try and fix it is it best left alone?

i have <--- if this dont work as a link excuse my retardation and ill just say which mobo i have which is asus, ask if u need more info, ty.

i notice the ram is massively slower than it was which i believe to be evidence of a overclock even though im reporting 3.2 as cpuid seems to only display the speed of core 0.
i know i have a bastardised collection of ram that will disgust many of you, but i have had it running at its normal speeds before i a sure.
help me please : (
im gonna try and auto clock it again but i fear it will oc the 3.5 at a different rate to the 3.2 and 3 of the cores might die, if this is the case does anyone want to buy a phenom II 955 with 3 cores disabled for the purposes of benchmarking a single 955 core? hopefully i wont need to ask that for real.
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  1. Or by checking the stickies before posting:

    A)can i fix it?
    Yes, as explained in the link above. Basically, disable "cool n quiet" in the bios. I recommend overclocking in the bios also.

    im gonna try and auto clock it again but i fear it will oc the 3.5 at a different rate to the 3.2 and 3 of the cores might die
    Killing it will take a lot more time and effort than that. Especially if you don't even try to operate it outside of the AMD specified voltages. Actually, that's the only thing that could kill it. And it wouldn't happen overnight either. I also do not recommend any "auto clocking" either bios or software. They tend to apply more voltage than needed.
  2. cool n quite disabled, i read my manual thanks, regardless, overclocking wasnt what i had aimed to do, the clocks going down to 800mhz while c&q was disabled alarmed me, i was wondering if this meant more substantial problems where on their way.
    i allowed auto tune on overdrive to do its thing and then used overdrive to restore factory defaults which it did despite on other occasion only setting one core to 3.2 and the rest to 3.5

    gotta say zip thats the most jerk like response ive seen on this forum kudos for standing out.
    the overclock was merely the only thing my nooby brain could think of to try and get my cores to all work at the same speed. apart for the solution i stumbled across as i have said above.
    as this isnt cool and quite issue maybe u could ellaborate as to why it has occurred and feel free to ask questions rather than assume, ty.
  3. Quote:
    It's supposed to downclock to 800mhz. LOL

    This "mysterious problem" is called cool-n-quiet, it's designed to save power when the cpu is not being used.

    It's amazing what you could learn by reading your manual.

    "ask if u need more info, ty." - i wrote that in my question, coulda given it a try, cheers
  4. Did you disable C1E too?
  5. DO NOT USE AMD OVERDRIVE !!!! This software sucks....I used it and got a lot of "mysterious readings"....The program is pure BS....I have found that software overclocking is never an option, and should never be allowed on your system. Stick with BIOS OC'ing only..If you want your system to run correctly.
  6. wow the first time i regret asking advice on toms, shame.
    i understand u all dont like software overclocking, but as i say i only used amd overdrive to try and restore my computers cpu to some sort of consistency between the cores.

    my initial quation still stands, why did the cpu register different speed on different cores, zip being a pleb is something i expect from his previous attempts at "helping".

    as i say i checked in bios in advance to make sure the c&c was turned off as i had problems in the past with an ASROCK motherboard where the software supporting the motherboard was constantly down clocking despite me turning off the setting on desktop via the oc tuner that also controlled power saving.

    i dont want my computer overclocked at least not atm, i just want to be able to un install amd overdrive and be guaranteed my processor isnt gonna jump to a million different speeds on each different core, and for zap that was an exaggeration i dont think i have a million core cpu, i may be noobish, hence my need to ask on a forum, but i am not a righteous tard like u seem to be.

    can we just forget about c&q as it doesnt seem to be relevant just a fixation of zip, it was never relevant my only problem was his assumption that it was the case which is his fault not mine.

    c1e im checking right after posting this.
  7. enzo matrix said:
    Did you disable C1E too?

    yes it is disabled, im not familiar with c1e but from what i vaguely understand its potentially another power saving method, i think.
    im assuming it being disabled is how u would suggest it being so as to rule it out of the potential causes for randomly downclocking cpu
  8. Quote:
    Jerk like response? I thought it was quite humerous. Always is when someone asks a stupid question that they could have answered themselves either by reading the manual that came with the cpu or mobo, or just by using Google.

    I'm sorry the truth hurts. Next time if you don't want to hear the truth, don't ask.

    Can I ask why your disabling cool-n-quiet?? Is your power bill too low?

    if i waned to turn on c&q id go into bios and do so, whats ur fixation, move on c&q it would appear has nothing to do with my problem so why are u asking about my power bills? i found with my last comp that had c&q turned o for a while that crysis and some other games SEEMED to stutter while when it was turned off all gameplay was smoother, when my comp had 3 cores at 800 mhz i tried running prime 95 to see if they would jump up if i put the cpu to work and it did not.
    if u have anything truelly helpful to say please feel free, if not try exhibiting some self control and demonstrate ur greatness by staying away, im sure u got a manual to read somewhere
  9. Calm down guys,had to delete some replies.think more before posting the replies that confuses/insults the OP.
  10. Best answer
    I recommend you start a new thread and delete this one. Don't forget to mention that you disabled both cool n quiet aswell as C1E.
  11. Quote:
    The guy keeps asking questions that can be answered by reading his manual. It's frustrating.

    First he say's he has a "mysterious problem" where his cpu drops in speed. I explained to him it's Cool'n'quit and that if he read his manual he would know this.

    Now he's asking what C1E is, which also is in his manual.

    It's just not sinking in. I'm done with this thread. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

    i have answered both your concerns, c1e is switched off, as i said, c&q is switched off as i said, what more is there that u dont understand? please be done with this thread ive never wanted u and your inability to acknowledge that i have responded and asked for further advice.
    despite your attitude i have taken your advice as veiled as it has been and i have responded by saying i checked in bios about c&q and c1e, why cant u move on and accept i still have a problem?
    your advise didnt help at all if u remain fixated like a parrot with your two or 3 phrase act of "shoulda read the manual", "c&q squawck, c&q".
    in response to u being frustrated i am forced to lol
  12. enzo matrix said:
    I recommend you start a new thread and delete this one. Don't forget to mention that you disabled both cool n quiet aswell as C1E.

    ty i am forced to agree, i think ill wait for the problem to occur again though i dont like having amd overdrive being on the comp seeming to be the only means of stabilising the cpu, also i dont want to start another thread and having it hijacked again, i think i should post a picture of me looking deeply engrossed while reading the manual aswell,
    i have a theory that someone works for the manual makers guild or something.
    ty anyway for the refreshing change in the tone of response.
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  14. well thank your for all your pointless telling me it was c&q or c1e which i persistently told u was switched off, it turned out to be a bios issue, updated bios and hey yknow what, my processor stays at a steady clock zip why dont u go scourge yourself, ull need to look that up, while ur there maybe u could do some research on my motherboard and show me where in the manual it explains my problem, oh it doesnt.
    fu basically and i am now justified for resenting the language of the moderator, nothing u said confused me, u were wrong, u were confused.
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