Intel SRT drive and (D:) drive?

I recently changed my SSD to work as my primary HDD and I now have my 2TB HDD working as a data drive. Originally, my SRT drive worked with my HDD when it was the (C:) drive, but now it is a (D:) drive. How can I associate the SRT drive with my Data drive?
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  1. It doesn't work that way. The purpose of Intel SRT is to give a performance boost to a HDD with an operating system on it by using a small SSD as a cache drive.

    If you are using a SSD as your operating system drive then there's nothing a HDD can do to give it a boost in performance. :)
  2. Ohhh ok. So what I should do is make this drive a storage drive because it's pretty much useless as a SRT drive.... how would I go about doing that??
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