ATI Radeon 5770 GPU/MEM clocks stuck at 400/900...

My ATI Radeon 5770 512MB card gets stuck at GPU 400Mhz and Memory 900Mhz for no reason at all :heink: only after restarting PC clocks return to normal. (Quite Frustrating) Is there a way to solve this ?
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  1. I believe it's ATI's power-down, where it reduces clocks when idling. Play a game, and check clocks after 10 minutes of play, see what happens.
  2. When i am not using my 5770 in 3D applications it usually idles at GPU 157 and Memory 500. The card just goes 400 / 900 for no reason at all sometimes and is stuck at that frequency even when its idling or full load.

    PS. Played Crysis for 25min at (awful FPS at that frequency) and the clocks stayed 400/900. Restart fixed it temporarily.
  3. Have you tried manually overclockign it?
  4. I found the source of the problem. Playing video files in WMP or Media Player Classic causes the clocks to get stuck at 400/900 =/ I hope ATI fixes this soon !
  5. You're not alone with this bug, see:

    I hope ATI is aware of it.
  6. i had the same prop you can fix it with msi afterburner the program lets you change the 2d clock
    i set my 2d clock at the same as my 3d clock and it worked for me

    gl :)
  7. I know this thread has been inactive for a while, but I wanted to share my experiences. I have a powercolor pcs+ 5850 with a non-reference pcb. This causes the voltage to be locked at 1.15. If you flash a bios on this card that is over 1.15 volts, the core/mem clock will be locked to 400/900. By lowering the clock on the bios I created, I was able to eliminate the 400/900 issue. I would suggest finding out what the voltage for other cards with the same model as yours and undervolting it to match that number. It may resolve your issue.
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