Sata hard drive not detected on new MSI MB

I just built a new computer using MSI NF980-g65 MB and phenom II 965 cpu, I flashed the bios, tried cable changes and even hard dride from existing computer I use everyday, so far no luck, HD does not show up in boot or BIO. Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. I assume you changed to sata port you have it plugged into?? If not, try that. Then if no joy, I would start to think about the MB having an issue with the sata drivers first, then he possibility of an issue with the actual ports, or chip set. Seems like I have read somewhere that drivers for the sata have been goofed up and reloading them can fix the issue. Dont do anything drastic until someone with more experience answers your post. I'm no expert.
  2. Do you have the SATA controller set to legacy IDE in the BIOS?
  3. I have same problem except I have got a blue ray burner using sata it works fine I have it set to IDE so it should work. I have tried an IDE hdd but it doesn't work either. Any help world be great.
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