Ocz vertex III max iops vs vertex 4

Well I am wondering something concerning SSD's, the two I mention are the ones I have interest in. has there been any bench marks concerning both of these vs each other?

OCZ vertex III Max Iops vs Ocz vertex IV? 120g vs 128 gb, maybe even 240 gb+ versions?

Will there be a vertex 4 max iops edition?
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  1. http://www.storagereview.com/ocz_vertex_4_ssd_review
    They might come out with the max iops edition.
  2. They might?
  3. kikiking said:
    They might?

    It has not been a long time since they released the Vertex 4 so an improved drive with better flash memory is not out of the question.
  4. i see...
  5. I see I can grab a vertex III max iops edition.
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