Restarted during CHKDSK, now can't boot at all

Well, I made an idiot mistake. When I booted up my laptop this morning, I accidentally hit the check disk option when it was asking for boot options (regular, safe mode, etc). During the check, I got impatient, not realizing what I had done and hit reboot during the fixing portion of the check.. now I get the dreaded "a disk read error occurred, press ctrl-alt-del to restart".. as I've likely corrupted some data.

I know the issue should be as simple as inserting my recovery disk and simply re-doing the check disk, but when I managed to burn a recovery disk off my girlfriend's laptop, when I change the boot priorities, the disk will go to the loading screen (with the horizontal load bar) and then just goes blank. No cursor, nothing. The hard drive's light will blink every 4 seconds.

I am unable to enter safe mode, but I can enter BIOS. The ASUS Recovery disk that came with the laptop is only for Vista.

I am running an ASUS G60VX with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Try doing a repair install with your Win 7 DVD, select install and when previous win install detected select repair!
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    Problem being, I'm running a legally licensed digital copy of Win 7 that I received from my college. There was no physical DVD, so I had to burn the Recovery Disk from my girlfriend's laptop.. she also doesn't have the physical DVD.

    I came back an hour later and it appears I now have a cursor. I've read that if I wait for an undisclosed period of time, it may or may not work, so I'll keep you updated.
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