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I've read a load of thing on how to apply the CPU and the paste, but it looks like I've done it wrong anyway, so would like some help.

I've bought a Artic Cooling Freezer Pro 64 Dual fan for my AMD 550 Phenom.

The stock HS and fan decided to start running at 5000rpm (rather than 3000rpm) and was at about 50-55C mobo was at 55C
The new HS and fan runs at 3800rpm (should be 3000rpm) and the CPU is at 60-64C and the mobo is at 70C+.

I removed the pre-applied paste (and left over paste on the CPU) and put on some cheap silver compound (ebuyers substitute to artic silver), I used the cross method.

When I screwed in the heatsink, the screws didn't have a stopping point, so I just screwed until it was tight and some paste came out the side.

Other people have claimed a good drop in the CPU temps when installing this HS and fan, so hopefully someone can give me a clean method I should follow to install the HS and fan again. thanks.

I also put in a side fan to improve airflow. I faced it this way ( towards the CPU to blow air in to the case.. is that the right way? I can't feel any air movement so asking.

Was I meant to keep the bracket I had with my old HS and fan?
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  1. ye directions are pretty simple, followed them.
    Removed the paste anyway so no going back now lol.
    The room temp is a bit high now due to the hot weather, but should be this bad.
    no dust in the PC.
    filled all my fan slots.

    My stock cooler did a good enough job keeping it at 50C but was just too loud doing it.
    At 100% CPU now I get 64C CPU and 75C mobo. Far too high as I was worried about 50C and 55C.

    I took it off re-applied paste and still no use, I think it is just a pile of junk and the people that said their temps were lower never ran prime95 on it.... going to have to find a new HS and fan.
  2. Some paste came out the side? I think you may have used a smidge too much paste :P
    also look on the compounds specs, is there a curing time? bout 180 hours or so before reaches maximum efficiency?
  3. Ye I think I did use too much, I thought it would be worse if i used too little :p didn't know it was bad to use too much.

    Not overclocking or core unlocking. The CPU power is enough for me so didn't bother doing it.

    I think I will just invest in a better HS and fan and keep the pre-applied paste lol.

    If someone can suggest a HS and fan for an am3 (am2) socket which with a height restriction of ~10cm (max 12cm, this means removing the side fan). I'd prefer to spend as little as possible considering I wasted some money for this one :( so hopefully keeping it below £30 would be nice. (£20 would be nicer lol)
  4. Yup, too much is as bad as not enough, if your not overclocking at all,
    I'd say stick with the original Hs you got with the proc, just replace the fan if needed, use a tiny amount of paste, spread it so it covers the whole chip, but is so thin a layer its almost seethrough, seriously thin but its enough. and remember curing times vary on different pastes so it may be some time before you see the benefit.
  5. didn't think about just putting a different fan on it, nice cheap method.

    i may re apply the paste on this on again and see if that works first. This hs has 2 silent fans so should work good if I do it right lol.

    thanks for the help.
  6. np man, find some vids on youtube for guidance as to the amount of paste,watch a couple, not just one, it really is a minimal amount of paste you need, good luck,have fun and I'll check back to see how you get on :)
  7. re-applied, little difference unfortunately. I'm assuming it is the HS.. I've stopped prime now at 63C there isn't a point in trying anything else with this HS. Thanks for the help though, I was hoping it would have fixed it :(.

    I also just noticed that the HS bends my mobo, and considering it heats it up too... that is not a good combo, unless I want to buy myself a new mobo.

    I'm going to get a 60mm to 80mm adapter for my stock CPU, can I use a regular case fan for that? going to use the one I just bought for my case if I can
  8. you could use a normal 80mm fan yes,
    as long as its a 3/4 pin that plugs into the cpu fan socket,
    I have an extra 80mm fan glued on a card template on top of my 'normal' cpu fan and that works fine, its plugged into another 3pin socket on the mobo
  9. It has a 3 and 4 pin connection, I'll use 3 pin so it can get speed controlled with the temp. Ordered an adapter, should be here in a few days. hopefully I can go back to the nice temps lol
  10. Cool, fingers crossed for ye mate :)
    if you get angry, you could try this case mod to cheer you up :)

  11. Na if I get angry I'll try this mod
  12. hmm,that just takes me to a random ebay screen? :P
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