Is this a good monitor for my new build

Is this a good monitor to run with a single HD5850 (namely the )?

Please tell me if both the monitor and the graphics cards are good choices. If they are not, please recommend others at about the same price point.

This is my first build and I am about to finalize purchases, but I want to double check these last few things before I do so

Thanks for your help.

Also, did I read the rebate correctly? Can it be redeemed regardless of where one purchases the monitor? If so, I plan to order from walmarts website because the shipping is 1 dollar and returns will be easier.
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  1. looks fine to me, and a 5850 is a good card it should be able to max out most games at on that monitor just fine
  2. go for it, i have always like those asus monitors tho and thats what i have right now
  3. I have three of the ACER h233h. And I like them. No dead pixels. Viewing angel isn't all that.
  4. Get the Samsung 2333SW. I cant find a good link/the one i have but its really good.

    23" 1080p 1920x1080 resolution 50000:1 contrast ratio 5ms 16:9

    Its pretty darn good i recommend it lol.
  5. I was at Costco today, and they have the P2450h Syncmaster (Samsung) for $230. I think I will get it tomorrow based on the reviews I have read.

    One question though. The monitor I currently have has speakers and is going to be repurposed as a secondary monitor. Can I run the sound from my new main monitor through the old one?
  6. I highly recommend syncmaster monitors, I've used a selection of them at work and home and have nothing bad to say about them!

    You should be able to run the sound through your second monitor, there should be an option to choose that output in your sound card / audio driver's options. I'm running the newest version of Realtek HD audio manager and it will let me do it.
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