Corsair AX1200?

Hey folks,

I just wanted to know if any one here know when the Corsair AX1200 will go on sale in the US? Yes, it's a massive overkill of a PSU, but it should drive down prices for the HX1000, 750TX,etc a bit :D


So far, I have seen only one person use this PSU:

Also, if you look at the +12v rail, you'd notice it's 100A :ouch: . To me that seems a bit too much, consiering if it ever draws that much power, the wires WILL melt. What do you all think?
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  1. I have been wondering when it will go onsale myself since i saw the jonnyguru review. is showing them as being onsale there on august 18th, which means we will see them in the US by then, probably a little before. Im not looking to get an AX1200, but an AX750 if it performs similarly to the AX1200 would be a great unit, and something like that i can definitely justify as an investment.

    I definitely agree with Oklahomawolf, they need to break something that big into multiple rails, 4 25A rails would still be more than enough power per rail and would limit your potential to see if 100A through 16 gauge wire equals flaming copper wire
  2. I'm sure Corsair is not stupid enough to let the wires melt.
  3. If I were you I would wait for the new ANTEC HCP-1200. I have heard some very good things about it. The AX1200 is a very expensive PSU. It would be a pitty if at the final the unit from Antec performs better and is cheaper. It seems that it will be on sale on August. Some qualified reviews will appear during this month.
  4. ^ Indeed, infact I think many users would (ie 3x480s anyone? ) be happy with a quality 1200W even if it does only a little less than the Corsair AX but quite a bit cheaper.

    I'm sure Corsair is not stupid enough to let the wires melt.

    OCP should prevent melting in most cases, but a partial short may be problematic like jonnyguru mentioned. Either way, 100A is reaching the limit of small wire gauges.
  5. i'm getting an 850AX :P
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