BSOD - Asus P5Q Deluxe & 8GB Corsair XMS2 6400

Dear All - hope someone can help please?

I built my new PC with an Asus P5Q Deluxe Mobo, Intel Q6600 CPU, Nvidia 8800GTX and 4 x 2GB of Corsair XMS2 6400C5 modules a few months ago. It's in a large coolermaster case and the PSU is more than adequate (my old rig used 2 x 8800GTX in SLI until one of the cards snuffed it). Operating system = Windows 7 64 bit

I had 2 of the sticks from my old PC and bought 2 new ones to have 8GB of RAM for the 64 bit OS. Whilst building, I noticed that 1 pair had a recommended voltage of 1.8v, the other pair 1.9v.

Initially when running I had loads of Memory Management BSODs and memtest showed some errors. In the search to decide whether the ram was faulty, or whether it was a BIOS / power issue, I contacted Corsair re: the differences in voltage and their Tech advised to manually change the DRAM voltage from AUTO (1.8v) to 1.9v - I did this but the BSODs continued.

I then stumbled across a forum which suggested that the voltage on the northbridge needed to be increased to accomodate use of all 4 DIMM slots (apparently a standard approach?). The poster suggested a 10% increase, so I increased then NB voltage from AUTO (1.1V) to 1.22V (increases in 0.02v intervals).

This seems to have much improved things, with no BSODs for a couple of months. I ran memtest extensively - no errors reported. This seemed to confirm that the sticks themselves were fine, but the settings were the issue and so I left them alone.

Then yesterday and today I got BSODs (again memory management) about 10 - 15 mins after start up :o Both days the room was pretty cold (14 degrees C) as the heating wasn't on.

I feel it is linked to the voltage settings and they are still not quite right.... either that or the changes I made before were a temporary fix for some reason....

So to my questions (although I'm "brave" enough to build a PC I'm the first to admit the limitations of my knowledge!)

1) What are the safe voltage ranges I can set for both the NB and the DRAM?
2) Any suggestions what settings I could try to settle this thing down?
3) Is there anything else I could try (e.g. SB voltage?) to stabilise the system?
4) Anybody got any other ideas what might be causing this (other than the BIOS settings or RAM)?

Thanks very much for reading this..... if you can help (even a little) it would be VERY APPRECIATED! :D

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  1. I had that BSOD problem before with my Asus P5Q SE Plus. I tried voltage adjustment but still useless. I ran memtest yielded error on B1 and B2 dimm slot, figure both slot were defective. I had the board replaced and haven't got any problems.
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