What is the best 8x agp card

i have a old pc of p4 1.7ghz so which agp card do i buy
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  1. The best AGP graphic card available would be the HIS Radeon HD 4670 IceQ (factory overclocked I'm assuming). But with a Pentium 4, especially at 1.7GHz - I feel it's going to be badly bottlenecked. On Newegg, the card is available for $122.99. As for nVidia - the last AGP card they ever made was the GeForce 7900GS, and the HD 4670 would crush it.
  2. With that processor i don't think you should buy a AGP card.Its time for complete system upgrade.

    P4 with 1.7Ghz speed will bottleneck all good agp cards.

    See if you can get a used card for cheap.
  3. Look for a cheap Gf6600 card on ebay.
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