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I am wondering if i migrate from 128GB to 256 GB SSD using windows backup and restore is it possible that after doing it the 256GB drive can have performance issues ? Is there any diffrence between this and makeing fresh isntall of windows ? Id rather migrate the OS image as it was freshly isntalled 3 days ago and would liek to save time but im wondering if there can be some performance degradation or other problems when migrating . I know that partition allignement is not the issue since its SSD to SSD migration.
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  1. It's always better to do a fresh install of windows 7. You will not as much problems when cloning/migrating windows 7.

    Also, installing should take approximately less than 30 minutes. It won't take forever. You will not lose performance on a drive when files are moved over.
  2. Yes i know it wont take forver thus i did a fresh install 3 days ago and with drivers and other software i use daily it takes about 2h to do but if it is always better do do a clean isntall then i think im gonna do one ..l.
  3. Lol , i cannot edit any of my posts . That 3 do "*** you " looking gesture at the end of my last post obcoiusly is not that gesture , its just a mistake XD
  4. LOL, no worries.
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