Just Cause 2 on Nivida Geforce 7100

Just wondering, I know the min specs are directx 10 but would just cause 2 be compatible with windows 7 directx 11 but with a card that only supports directx 9. I have Nivida Geforce 7100.
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  1. lol just forget it minimun buy 9800 or 250,260 nvidia cards lol if u wanna play it nicely
  2. grab an ATI 5570 or 5670 and you will be fine
  3. When the card came out 4 or 5 years ago it was low end. It can hardly play old games like wow at very low resolution.
  4. the 7100 is not a card, its an integrated mobo chip intended for office use and basic performance.
  5. The 7100GS can be a dedicated card, although it does not perform better then an integrated one.
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