Can't see my Raid 0 drives from desktop.


I currently have a Sabertooth x58 Motherboard with one 120g 6gb SSD and two 500g WD Black 6gb 7200 rpm drives.

I would like to have my O/S on my SSD and use the Raid 0 for storage and gaming.

I went in and setup my my two 500g WD drives as a raid 0 in the marvel controller after POST. But when I reach my desktop I cannot see the raid 0 drive. I can only see my SSD.

Do I need to download some sort of driver to see these drives?

Any help would be great :)
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    Might not be allocated! Right click (my) computer select manage/storage/disk management and see if you have to assign a drive letter.
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  3. Wow! That was it! Thank you so much :)
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