4gig to 8 gig DIMM upgrade

I am trying to upgrade my HP Pavilion (64 bit Windows 7) PC. I am adding 4 gig (2x2gig DIMM) to exisiting 4 gigs. Each pair works for 4 gig, but the four DIMM modules do bot work together (8gig). I get one short beep followed by a long beep...no what the configuration of the modules.
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  1. Are both pairs the same brand/model?
  2. They are not the same brand but they match...both sets are PC2 6400 DDR2 800MHz (compatible with PC2-5300 (667MHZ) and PC2-4200 (533MHz). There should not be a conflict. As I said, each set works fine in the PC, but they do not work together...one short beep on long beep. One set is OCZ NVIDIA (SLI ready) and the other is Memory Master CAS.
  3. Motherboard is an AZUS IPIBL-LB (Benicia). It says that the board supports 8 gig RAM with a 64 bit system 2GB DDR2 DIMMS.
  4. Try to lower memory clocks with one set to less than the slowest memory set. Then try to boot with boss installed. Also, do you put each set on separate channels so they are in pairs? For example, if the channel 1 is in slots 1 and 2, and the second channel if for slots 3 and 4, put one set in 1 and 3 and another 2 and 4 slots. This is the most typical configuration. However, if the channel one is in slots 1 and 3, and the channel 2 is in slots 2 and 4, put one set in 1 and 2 and another in 3 and 4. If you don't know how the channels are placed on your motherboard, try both ways.
  5. Also, put slower memory on the slots for separate channels that are closer to the CPU.
  6. Both memory sets have the same speed. Bios (recently updated to Rev. 5.43) does not allow for adjustments to memory settings/speeds. Bios indicates that banks 2&4 are "uninstalled." I take that to mean that there are no DIMMs in those slots. Is there another meaning? Is there a jumper/setting on the MB? What is the meaning of "boss installed?"

    MB core version 8.00.14. PC originally came with Vista 32bit. I upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and PC has been functioning, perfectly, for a year.
  7. Sorry, I meant both installed. Sometimes I don't watch what I am typing. Does any set work in slots 2 & 4 just like in 1 and 3? Yes, 2&4 are "uninstalled" should mean that there are no memory modules in those slots. Modern motherboards, as far as I am aware, should work without any jumper adjustment when you fill in all memory slots. I don't think they even come with any jumpers for memory. Don't take my word for this though.

    Motherboards often don't like when different memory modules are used at the same time (such as different density, one sided or two sided, etc.). Putting them together sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I thought that slowing them down may help, but you can't adjust memory settings on your board. Unfortunately, you may be out of luck here. I would get a second opinion though, from someone who is more knowledgeable.
  8. Thanks! I have even tried to reset the CMOS with no success. There is something different about this MB...even the ASUS IPIBL-LB (Benicia) website says that resetting the CMOS is a simple procedure with the jumpers...didn't work for me! Go figure!
  9. There seems to be no way to clear the CMOS on this MB! Does anyone have any ideas!
  10. There is another way to reset CMOS: take out CMOS battery for a few minutes. It should work in most boards.
  11. Also, if you still can boot into BIOS even with one stick of RAM, there should be an option something like Load Factory Safe Defaults or something like that.
  12. I will try both ways, but I have been looking for a battery, all day...already. There doesn't seem to be a CMOS battery on this board...which I find very strange!
  13. Is this your board? http://bizsupport1.austin.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c01324212&lang=en&cc=us&taskId=101&prodSeriesId=3677083&prodTypeId=12454

    I see one battery right above the bottom PCI slot (that round thing). This may be it.
  14. Yeah, that's it. I see the item that you are talking about. I was told that the battery was near the CMOS clear jumper...did not look around enough to see this item. I will get back to you
  15. Disconnected the battery...cleared the CMOS...didn't change a thing! I still get a short beep and a long beep with all four modules, with no boot. I guess I will have to match the RAM perfectly (brand/model/underwear/socks/any thing else?).
  16. Yeh, I think you'll have to.
  17. Old thread but I have some info. This board is a great one and has the potential to eat the QX9775 for breakfast.

    I had the same issue. Install 1 stick at a time and boot each stick. Make sure you put the sets in corresponding colored slots. It may default to 667 when compatibility issues arise. You must install 1 stick at a time.

    You can mod the LGA775 socket to LGA771 but carefully cutting the tabs in the 775 socket very carefully.

    Then pick up a XEON X5470 3.33Ghz 12MB Cache Quad-Core which performs like none other. On Counter-strike GO with a GTX 460 at 975Mhz using GELID Icy Vision at 2048x1536 all very high is over 100fps constant.

    Even today in 2014 with the X5470 with a GTX 470 at 851mhz I see FPS at time higher than Core i7 in Battlefield 3/4. 1920x1080 all ultra around 100fps or more. It seems all apps do over 100fps with the Xeon chip.

    You must add the sticker to the pins and install with the cpu arrow corresponding to socket arrow

    If you wanna build a killer rig today that eats 5th gen Core i5's in 2014 pickup the IPIBL-LB Leonite is 29.99 shipped all day on ebay has RAID capabilities single x16 pci-e slot and 8gb ram max support. The X5470 3.33Ghz 12mb cache quad-core may run $50-$60 for the best performance ever or X5450 for $35 3Ghz 12MB Cache Quad. Stickers are like $3 shipped.
  18. I know it's a REALLY old thread but I need to ask, does a single 4gig dimm work on this mobo, I have one slot that's dead and another that's either dying or the dimm is dying, I think spending 20 bucks for 2x4gb is worth it on this old rig, if they work
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