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6 gigs to 12 gigs. Any difference?

I got a extra $100 to blow on whatever I want and I was thinking of getting more memory. My question is, is will i see any performance boosts from going from 6 gigs to 12 gigs? I only use my system for gaming and internet browsing. Im just wondering if getting 6 more gigs will help out much since I don't even think I max out the 6 gigs honestly. Any help or suggestions?
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  1. It will really make no performance difference in gaming (,2778-8.html ). I would recommend to look to upgrade another component or save for a SSD, new GPU or something else for an upgrade.
  2. yeah i was thinking of a SSD but since i only got $100 to spend then it will be on a small SSD drive(32 gigs) Honestly that isnt enough room for me. So i was thinking of adding more ram just for shits and giggles. I guess since i won't see no performance gain or anything then i guess I'll just hold onto the money then. I knew 6 gigs was good enough
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    you might actually see a performance hit. The less number of dimms the better for performance. so assuming you're going 3 dimms to 6...your timing and MHz would have to be relaxed. This is something that manufacturers somewhat hide...that a particular motherboard can have "16GB of ram" at "blazing ddr3-2000 speeds!" what they don't tell you (for socket 775 as an example) is that the blazing speeds is only 2 dimms max populated. that when I have all 4 populated I have to slow down to 1067MHz and relax timing. So in your case google "i7 3 dimms vs 6 dimms" and you'll get a lot on the subject. And as Tecmo said...6GB is plenty for almost everything (especially games)
  4. Your computer Specs are JAW dropping..drool.. me want.

    I was looking for RAM for graphic Art computer (64bit system) any recommendations?

    Great explanation too^^
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