Drive and Load time questions

So I plan on getting a 120gb Mushkin SSD for increased speeds and to put BF3 and other games on.

I also have a 160gb HDD and a 750 HDD.

I'd like to make the SSD it's own drive and the other two drives "one drive". I am not sure if this is possible.

Also, does anyone notice an increase w/ joining games on BF3?
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  1. Getting the SSD is good but just leave the HHD's separate. Joining them in Raid is just not worth it since if one goes bad you loose the files on both.
  2. That is correct, leaving the HDD separate is a better option. That way you have an extra backup of a drive to hold important files. As far as increased speed is concerned, SSD will only speed up the loading times of video games.
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