Suggest a new graphics card for my system to increase performance

Currently I have this system:
E6400 core 2 duo 2.14GHZ
3.5Gig DDR2 Ram
80gig Serial ATA samusung HD
Light scribe DVD re-writter
300watt stock Psu
Radeon HD 4650 512Mb DDR2 low profile ( although my case is no longer low profile) PCI-Express

At the moment I can achieve a decent framerate on Far cry 2 on high settings, and a good frame rate on assassins creed on all settings 3/4. But i want a new gpu, but one that can work on 300watt psu, doesnt need a connector, and will make me be be able to play games at a better frame rate?

Thank you for suggestions.
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  1. HD5670 will work very nice.
  2. the 5670 would pretty much be your only worthwhile choice
  3. You could try the new Nvidia 750 or 750ti as they don't require anymore power requirements like 6pin connectors so you wont need to upgrade anything to use the card and they are quite decent for the power consumption. Anything more powerful will probably bottleneck with your CPU so I imagine the 750 or 750ti would be idle for your system.
  4. You could go with the 7750 or r7 250 though it is slower than the 750 and the 750ti , but it is alot more cheaper.
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