Hard drive vs Ram

Hey idk if this is the right place to post this so if it isnt sorry

I need help choosing what to buy with around $40...

My system:

X2 240
2gb ddr2 single stick
80gb sata hd
mcp6p mobo
soon to be 5770/5830/gtx 460

so my question is what should i buy with $40... here my options:
1. another 2gb stick ~ $40
2. 250-500gb hd (depends on where i buy [250gb new = $40, 500gb ebay = $40])
3. 1gb and a 80gb hd ~ $50 (if i go this way, then i have 3gb no dual channel ram and 160gb hd)

and no, i cant buy both 2gb stick and 500gb hd... Idk what to buy cuz im builing this gaming rig, and I need to be able to impress my console friends and 80gb hard drive isnt cutting it... what would be the best option? I think buying the hard drive is the better way to go, any1 agree?
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  1. personally, id buy this:

    there is no point in buying ddr2 ram, so when u have about 100 bucks, id then buy a 4 gig set of ddr3 ram.
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    Umm. That's really your choice. If you need the extra hard drive space then get the 500GB hard drive. If not, get the ram. If you think the hard drive will increase your gaming speed somehow, think again and only get it if you need the space. Depending on what games you play, 2GB is more than enough or not enough and you need 4GB. Once you get that card, the things holding you back, in order for most games will be: Ram. CPU.

    So if you don't need the space, get 2 more GB. If you do, then get the hard drive.

    If you do need more hard drive space but can live with only another 80GB then go ahead and get the 3GB of ram and the 80GB hard drive. The benefits of dual channel are WAY overrated and 3GB can make a huger difference in games that need the memory.
  3. the hdd i recommended will not make ur games run any faster, but it will likely make u spawn faster, and your games will load faster. ram would give more performance, but it would be much better to wait till you can get a full 4 gig ddr3 set
  4. ares1214 said:
    there is no point in buying ddr2 ram, so when u have about 100 bucks, id then buy a 4 gig set of ddr3 ram.

    And why would he do that if he can't use it in his motherboard? DDR2 memory is still excellent. What are you talking about "no point"?
  5. if he wants to get a new mobo, which i can definitely understand in the near future, buying ddr2 would be a waste as he wouldnt be able to use it with a new mobo. its up to him.
  6. I am fully aware that hard drives do not improve performance, but googling 2gb vs 4gb you will see the huge differences there are. I will be getting a new motherboard for Xmass. My cpu is here to stay for a while and will be overclocked to 4ghz which is nice. Of corse If i buy a 5770, I will hve enough for 500gb hd and more ram but a 5830 and 2gb will be better than 5770 and 4gb... So I have decided I will get a 500gb hd and for christmas I can get a new motherboard and 4gb ddr3...

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  8. if you are getting a new mobo for xmas, then all the ddr2 ram you will buy would be useless.
  9. and a 5830 shows little to no performance increase over a 5770, especially considering the price.

    see, 3-5 fps for 80$.
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