i want to do crossfire on gigabyte it possible???how??
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  1. Is it possible... Yes, it has two PCIe slots, which will run at x16,x4 in Crossfire.

    All you have to do is install the cards in both PCIe slots, install the bridge and enable in the control panel.

    On a note, I'm not a fan of running cards at x16,x4 for Crossfire. The minimum setup I prefer to run is at x8,x8 but it is an "okay setup".
  2. For PCI-E 1.0/1.1 boards, the difference between x16x4 and dual x8/x16 was significant in games and the later two performed much better but this has changed in PCI-E 2.0 motherboards.You won't see much of a difference between x16x4 and dual x8/x16(Even on high resolutions)
  3. what i worried is about the the 870 chipset can support crossfire?
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