GTS250 bottleneck

i currently have a computer with the follwing spec:
ASUS P5N-T Deluxe (780i Nforce)
2 x 1GB OEM sumsung 800Mhz 6-6-6-18
Pentium Duo core E-2180 @2.5Ghz
3 x 500GB seagate 7200rpm 16Mb cache HDD (raid 0/1)
Ultra LSP650 PSU
Ultra full tower case
1 sony blueray player

Im thinking of adding another gts250 for crysis, im currently running crysis in 1280x1024 8aa Ultra high with naturemod with an average frame rate of 28(min 15, max 40), how much performence improvment will i get for adding another gts 250 in sli? adding 2?

Sli gts250 is a 100% improvement
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  1. In a game like crysis that is all about your gpu and your processor just isn't used much you will see a decent improvement, but on most other games your proc will be holding you back. Crysis doesn't seem to use much ram but on other games that could also be a limiting factor
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