Compl black screen + noises 8800gt

Hi again, Well I've recently noticed that While playing certain games (World of Warcraft, Heroes of Newerth) my computer monitor will just go black and I will hear an annoying kind of clicking sound threw my speakers.

The thing is, when I take the side casing off of my computer and face it out of my bedroom window to the cold air it won't do that "im assuming because that keeps the vid card cool"

All my drivers are up to date for my comp/vid card.

Nvidia 8800gt oc
2gb RAM
vista home 32bit
acer aspire M1100
AMD athlon 64x2 dual core 4400 2.3ghz
earthwatts 650W PSU w/ 3 rails @ atleast 22A on each rail. connected correctly.

I have tried RivaTuner for turning my videocard fan speed up by to no avail.

Though it's weird when I play WoW it wont black screen and make the noise, but if i let it sit the idle with WoW open'd after a while it'll do that. Please help !! or give suggestions.
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  1. I would start by cleaning out any dust build up in the computer and vid card fins.
    Second check the temps on the vid card.
    I would also try setting the vid card to standard clock and see if that takes care of the problem.
  2. How would I go about setting it to standard clock? I have rivatuner but idk what the "Standard clock speeds" would be. I've also cleaned out the dust the I can from my entire computer and how can I check temps on the card when playing a game?
  3. I try using rivatuner to set my core clock at 600 i press accept and save the settings and the press "OK" and it just goes back to 625MHz :S ..
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