I3-350M vs. i5-450M?

I don't really know much about computers, so thought I should check in here.

I'll be starting medical school, so no heavy usage with the computer. Mostly word processor, watch movies and TV shows, run large size slides for studying... not much gaming.

So its between i3-350M (2.26 GHz) 3M Cache and i5-450M (2.4-2.66 GHz, 3M/4 threads) I don't really know the difference and price differ by around $100. thanks alot!
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  1. Hello johndoe12345;
    Given the fairly light workload you mention there's a very good chance you'll be happy with the i3-330M and save $100.
    I couldn't find any head-to-head benchmarks between the i3-350M and i5-450M but you can see how close the 330 and 430 perform:
    i3-350M / i5-430M / i5-450M

    Core i3-330M review
    Core i3-350M review
    Core i5-430M review
    Core i5-450M review
  2. hey thanks for the reply, so I shouldn't see much of a difference? especially with my light workload?
  3. Thats pretty much how I see it. In day-to-day usage I don't think you would notice any difference.
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