Sony TV only Displays pc at 1920x1080

At work we have a TV we purchased to install in a conference room. We're finding more and more that TVs are more economical than projectors are due to bulb cost/life. But with a computer connected, the TV seems to only accept a resolution of 1920x1080.

Are there TVs that are manufactured to only run at this resolution? That seems odd to me, but any other resolution and you either have to scroll around on the TV to see the whole desktop or the TV doesn't accept it. With except to 800x600 and 1024x768. Both of which are way too small.

Any tips, thoughts, etc would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sony KDL-550EX500
HP Laptops (various models) with ATI graphics.
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  1. Tvs aren't made like computer monitors so don't expect the same kind of options.
    What connection are you using on the tv?
  2. That seems to be a bit odd. I don't have that issue with my 47" LG 47LH90.

    It might have to do with the Aspect Ratio option the HDTV defaults to. My LG has several options and of course it is at home so I don't know all the options. I simply set it to "Just Scan" and I have no issues whatsoever.

    I Googled "Sony KDL-550EX500" and got no results, just double check your HDTV again.
  3. I mis-typed the model, its Sony KDL-55EX500. I accidently added an extra zero. After playing around some more it seems there was some operator error or something as 1360x768 works. Maybe I thought it wouldn't work because I had to auto adjust the image first.

    The cable I was using was a standard VGA, but it seems to be a moot point as I got it now.

    Thanks everyone for your replies.
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