Major Graphic Problems M1730 8800GTX

Hi all, pretty new here, I've been here many times before when googling certain computer problems that i could not solve, and have generally found them within the forum, but this time i have found a problem that no amount of googling will find, i cannot solve or figure this problem out.

I purchased a dell m1730 a few years ago with dual 8700's in, 6 months later the mobo broke, and dell replaced it and had to upgrade the graphics card due to a shortage, so i ended up with 8800gtx in sli, which was awesome, and since then i've never had a problem with this, it is a pretty good system, recently i have let a friend borrow it (who is a complete computer phobe), and he has done something really strange to this laptop, dell cannot figure it out all they can do is replace the graphics cards with dual 8400 for half a grand, and i dont fancy taking the (massive) reduction in performance for that type of money, so here is my problem.

recieved the laptop on windows xp (it had been on vista before), discovered that one graphics card was disabled in device manager, when enabling the card it caused a complete system crash, and the screen went a blank blue colour. after many fiddling around with settings, i could not sort it, so decided to re-install vista, which i was going to do anyway, vista installed fine, no problems, now when installing graphics drivers and rebooting the computer will simply not startup, it makes it too the desktop with mouse in the middle and will freeze within 3 seconds, loading up in safe mode works, so i checked the graphics cards out, nothing apparently wrong, so i disabled one, and rebooted, vista loads fine in a low resolution, going into device manager reveals that the card i disabled is disabled, but the other card is now code 43 (windows was informed there was a fault).

i have tried disabling the code 43 card, and enabling the disabled card, but all that happens on reboot is that the code 43 card is disabled, and the OTHER card is now code 43 instead, asif both cards are code 43, but i could use one card on xp and it played perfectly, even if i could get back to this setting i would be happy.

i have tried EVERY driver for the 8800m gtx, over a 100 drivers i have painstakingly re-installed, driver swept etc etc, even done a few different installs of vista, i have read MANY problems on code 43's on the net, and system crashs, i have tried different ram, less ram, more ram.

I am now completely stumped, any advice anybody could input would be greatly appreciated, i am now spending any more money on this laptop, it is a dead end to me, i simply am being gnawed by a problem i believe is solveable, i have seen 8800m gtx's for sale on ebay and things, so maybe buying one of them, so i dont know.

2.4ghz T7700 intel dual core
8800m gtx sli
4gb RAM
vista 32-bit
200gb hardrive

I am completely stumped, please help me before my girlfriend finds me in the corner of the room giggling to myself insanely. because that is going to happen if i dont find out what is wrong.

maybe the card is kaput, but it worked on xp, only one did anyway. i cant seem to get it to work on vista, if nothing can be done, has anybody got any insight on how to completely uninstall one graphics card without uninstalling the other? without disabling obviously, as disabling causes a code 43 wierdly :S.


please tell me if anymore info is needed.
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  1. I know this may seem tedious but have you tried to reinstall XP? If it works there I would then suggest you upgrade it to Vista. The problem with straight upgrades is that it doesn't clear out problems fro mthe old install, if possible I would suggest you wipe the drive and re-install Vista, but for my Dell Dimension if I do that the driver CD won't work so I'm stuck there.
  2. sorry should of elaborated more, the three installs of vista i have done have all been complete wipes, full formats, im about to install xp pro on a second partion, see if it works then, all i am attempting to do is hold out with this for a few months before i make the full transition to mac dualbooting.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if your "friend" swapped out your card for a defective one. The laptop version of this card is VERY rare and sought after by gamers who favor mobility while not having a lagtop. Get gpuz and post a screen shot for us?
  4. I had same problem and I resolved by re-installing Windows XP
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