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I am doing a windows xp home repair install. I get the hang at 35 minutes left, installing devices. I have removed or disabled most everything hardware wise, I can find except the keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard drive and one cd-rom, as was suggested in other searches. It still hangs up at the same spot. In the setuplog.txt I see messages of SetupOpenInfFile failed and about 17 oem*.inf files missing. Any ideas on how to finish this repair install?
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  1. try a different disk
  2. FALC0N said:
    try a different disk

    I have the original Reinstallation bootable CD, Microsoft Windows XP Home, including service pack 1a, CD which came with the DELL 4600 Dimension desktop. I have also tried a copy of the CD which I made in case the disk itself was scratched, etc, and I also used the original CD to make a SP3 slipstream CD. The SP3 does not even get as far as the original. It gets hung up with a fatal error saying it doesn't have all the catalog informatio for setup. What kind of disk do you suggest in this situation, where I am trying to complete a repair install, not a new, fresh install?

    I also have the other DELL disks that came with the machine, such as device drivers, diagnostics, etc.
  3. Any OEM version of XP will work. Any computer shop would have one. You could also find another dell xp disk somewhere.

    You can test if this is a disk problem by testing the current install cd on another machine, if you have access to a dummy unit you could use.
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