Please help me choose one !

hello :)
its my friend's PC
GPU - ATI readon 5770 1GB
CPU - E6550
mother boaed - msi 7379

plase help me choose the best CPU from this list: (i am looking for the worthwhile - best money/performance CPU)
(my friend gonna use the cpu for gaming)

AMD Phenom 955 4X
Intel Quad 9400
Intel dual core - E8400
(if i need to buy anything for the cpu the work just include its price with the CPU'S price)
(and if i need to buy new memory - DDR3 just include the price again )
Thanks !
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  1. That's an Intel platform so you can count the AMD option(s) out of it.. As for the CPU support list for the motherboard, take a look at the provided link -
  2. Are you interested in CPU and motherboard or just a CPU upgrade?
    The Q9400 is on the list of supported CPU's
  3. i am looking for the upgrades with the cpu price (the needed upgrades)
    and after the calculation witch is the wothwhiler?
  4. You won't need any extra components if you decide to go for either of the E8400 or the Q9400.. Pricing wise, going for the Q9400 makes more sense IMO.. Check up on google for current pricing..
  5. Go for the Q9400 and another 2GB of Ram. That would be giving that computer a new lease on life.
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