Strange Problem:( Please Help

hi guys i am having big strange problem in my new motherboard Biostar G31 M+ well this is the problem:(:( i try to install windows XP service pack 2 in my pc but its not installing its just going to the setup screen after formatting the HDD its restart the pc automatically (as it happens when we install XP) then the problem pops up its just going to the same thing again i mean its star the installation form the beginning again what i have done earlier supposed to go for the next step but it’s not doing it its crazy :( and strange???

Things i tried

1-i try to install windows XP with another CD (new ) same problem
2-swithced to new CD rom, RAM,HDD Same problem:(:(
3-i try to boot with a another HDD witch was pre installed windows XP(100% working with no problem) i am gating a error message cannot load operating system:(:(

Finlay i switched to new motherboard ( Biostar G31 M+) same brand and same model the problem is still there its crazy!!

Note: MY HDD Is 40GB and its Brand new
Note: all the stuffs in my PC is Brand new

i install windows 7 (same HDD and motherboard witch i cant install windows xp) it did not show me any problems and it was working fine but its strange why it can install windows 7 but i can’t install windows xp is there anything i have to do can u guys help me to fix this problem please

My system

Processor Intel Pentium 4 3.ghz
Ram : 3GB
HDD : 40 GB
MB : Biostar G31 M+

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  1. Its your HDD, try and do a full format instead of quick format, check if your bios settings are correct. Try and get a new SATAII Hard disk, you don't get a 40 GB HDD anymore. Reset C-Mos and check if your bios settings are at default.
  2. Thanks for the reply but i tried both :( what u say SATAII and a 80 GB HDD sorry to say i am still having the problem all bios settings are normal too

    but i have small question i dint particn the HDD its only one particn whole to gather 34GB or something like that do u think it might can cues this problem..but u c i have tried a working HDD witch was pre install windows xp in it and evn it did not boot up it says error loading oparationg system i ts carzy..i don't know what to do its brand new HDD and motherboard:(
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