Hybrid xfire capablie configs?

I'm debating whether to get a mobo with integrated graphics with the idea that I can use hybrid crossfire. I'll probably be waiting until the 890x boards(I'm assuming these will exist) are released and I can compare prices with 890gx boards. Doing a little research it appears that the 4290 IGP will support hybrid crossfire, but I'm not sure what the limitations of this are and which discrete cards it works with. I plan on eventually getting an HD 5770, but if it won't crossfire with the 4290 then there's no point in getting the 890gx. Does anybody know where I can find this information
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    You can CrossFire HD 5770 with the integrated card but it won't make a noticeable difference in games.
    If you want to CrossFire to get a boost in gaming then go for 2 HD 5770s instead
  2. Hybrid crossfire really isn't particularly useful. Now if you could harness the IGP to do Physics calculations or something like that, it might be useful, but thats about it.
  3. It sounds like I should just go with the cheaper board, then. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. No problem. But yeah- 890x or 890FX (if you plan on crossfiring etc.) will be your best bet.
  5. I plan on gradual upgrades over time, i.e. Thuban processor eventually, 4 to 8 GB RAM, and likely crossfiring a couple of 5770's. If I did go with the 890x instead of the fx, will the reduced PCIe bandwidth hurt my crossfire performance much? With all of this in mind, is saving up for the fx mobo really my best bet?
  6. a 5770 on an 8x PCI-e 2.0 will not bottleneck, so no worries about that. The one thing that might be nice about a FX is that you can do 3way (possibly 4way) Crossfire with it, so it would give you even greater scalability upwards with your GPU's. Don't know how worth it that will be since I don't know what the 890FX boards are gonna cost, but yeah. If you are only thinking 2x5770, a 890X would probably be the best/cheapest.
  7. Yeah, I'm never going to do more than a dual crossfire. Thanks for the input!
  8. no prob. good luck making the choice:-)
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