How to remove Bios Password for Dell LatitudeC600

I have seconds Laptop Dell LatitudeC600 Service Tag 96JX31S
system can't boot and ask administrator password Can you help me Pls send email to
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  1. First, unless you really enjoy spam, never post your e-mail address in a forum thread. You need to edit your original message and remove that information.

    Second, to remove a BIOS password you have 2 options.

    Option 1: Disassemble the laptop and remove the CMOS/BIOS battery. This will reset the BIOS to its default state (no password).

    Option 2: Call Dell and request assistance on the matter. Be prepared to provide proof of ownership.

    Since you can't boot the system (apparently) you don't have the additional option of flashing the BIOS to its modt current version. This, too, will sometimes reset the BIOS password on some systems.

    Option 2 is your best bet. You are not likely to get additional suggestions on this topic as discussions on cracking/hacking/removing/etc passwords are not allowed in these forums.
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