Desktop won't connect to internet, but my laptop does

I have a Vista Acer Aspire Laptop that is connected wirelessly to my Aliant Speedstream 6520 Modem.........however, i can't connect my (6 year old) desktop AMD Athlon running Vista to the internet, and this is wired directly to the modem via my VIA Rhine 11 Ethernet Adapter. I have tried everything..........i even called Aliant 4 times and they were unable to help me connect my Desktop to the internet.

Initially my wireless capabilities were set up by remote desktop feature by an Aliant laptop was wired with the etherent........then she told me to unplug my ethernet once my connection was established with my laptop, but couldn't connect my desktop and still can't.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Marg J. :pt1cable:
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  1. Is your desktop configured to obtain an IP address automatically? Can you provide a link to the Aliant Speedstream 6520?
  2. Yes it is set to automatically obtain ip address. I just spent another hour on the phone with Aliant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my internet connection because i can connect on laptop through wireless Aliant router. I need a new Ethernet Adapter. I even tried to download drivers for my VIA PCI 10/100mb Fast Ethernet Adapter, but i had no internet connection to install them on my desktop. Guess i will have to buy a new adapter.


    Marg J.
  3. I am thinking about getting a D-LINK DFE-530TX FAST ETHERNET 10/100 PCI
    but not sure if it will be compatible or not. I assume that if i place this in the computer slot, that it will automatically be okay
  4. You'll have to load drivers from a CD or another media.
  5. Well i am now connected. Brought my computer to a technician and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. It was my ethernet cable. All is fine now.


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