Change SSD from being an Intel SRT drive to a storage drive. Help!

I have an OCZ Agility 3 60gb SSD that came free with my PC (CyberPowerPC has some great deals) and I have my OS on another SSD so the SRT drive is pretty much not doing anything. How can I make the SRT drive into a normal storage drive that I can store things on? (videos, applications, games, etc.)
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  1. Yes, just run a secure erase on the drive.
  2. How do I do that? (Computer noob here!)
  3. Download the OCZ Toolbox for your Windows version and run it on the drive, selecting secure erase.
  4. Run the Intel Control Panel software, and disengage/un-accelerate the cache drive in it's settings. It may take a while, as all the info on the SSD make need to be copied to the HDD.

    In your BIOS, set your SATA ports from RAID to ACHI (not really neccesary).

    Secure Erase the SSD, using the OCZ Toolbox, or Parted Magic.

    Then, through Disk Management*, format the drive, and it's ready.

    *start/computer/right-click/manage/disk management/right click on drive/make your choices.


    BTW: 60GB is nothing, you won't be able to copy much to it.
  5. Thanks guys! I erased it using the toolbox then formatted it in Disk Management. Worked like a charm! Now running Sony Vegas and Diablo III on it! Speedy!!

    Thanks again!
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