Graphics card or slot?

Last year I built a computer (All specs are pretty irrelevant to the question) and I had stuck my old graphics card in there. an HD 3850 which worked for a while. But after I moved my computer once, the graphics card wouldn't work.

It'd go to POST and give me the ol' One long two short beeps and wouldn't go past POST.

While I have a new card on the way, I'm curious as to the likelyhood between the slot being damaged or it was the card.

When I ran the graphics card post-error, the fans would kick on, full speed, and it'd give me the POST error.

I haven't tried another graphics card, because since then I haven't had the funds to buy a new one until recently.

My logic tells me that it's the card, because if the slot were bad it wouldn't be able to detect the card at all and it would run off of integrated with the card still in there, which it didn't. It's trying to get video information from the card and it's failing to do so.

Also if the fans were running at 100% that's usually a sign that the card is fried and the bios is unable to regulate speeds. But it is getting power from the slot.

So, someone throw me a curveball here. I'm asking you guys for your opinion
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  1. It sounds like the card to me, but it is still possible for it to be the slot. It could even be the slot that CAUSED the card to die. If you have old graphics cards, I would imagine you ALSO have old Computers- why not throw that 3850 into an old machine and see if it works? If it works, you know that its not the card and IS most likely the slot. If it doesn't work, you know the card is bad.
  2. Thing is, I don't have an old computer or an old graphics card to put into the slot. Before I had the 3850 I had a GeForce 6800, but it's an AGP, not a PCI-E.
  3. I suppose I won't know for sure until thursday when my new card comes.
  4. Would it help to say that everything else runs fine? The other PCI slots, the CPU, the integrated graphics card(Crappy 6150) everything runs perfect on the board.
  5. if everything runs perfect except when you have that card attached and trying to use it for your graphics, then its most likely the card.
  6. Have you tried re-seating the card?
  7. A year ago, when this happened. I did that several..thousand times. Probably worked on trying to get it to work for a month. Disassembled and reassembled my computer several times. Reseating everything and making sure nothing was loose. RAM, CPY, Graphics card, PSU connectors. I was maybe... 70% sure it was just the card when I came here. Now I'm 90% sure. Thank you all for the answers.
  8. A year ago? lol
  9. A year ago, when the card went belly-up.

    I'm just NOW getting a new card. I'm in college, not like I had the funds to up and get one :P
  10. Ahh I see. How long had you had the card? Its a bummer it went belly-up, but also a bummer if it was still under warranty and you didn't pursue it:-( I really hope it wasn't under warranty still ;-) I understand how that goes though- I had my PSU blow up in college and take out my Mobo and CPU and GPU, but I guess for me, even though I didn't have the money, I had to replace and rebuild right then and there because I had papers and projects due that were all on that computer (I backup everything much better now). Its a good thing my parents were awesome and helped me out:-p
  11. maybe see if one of your buds has an AGP card in there computer and try it out in your computer just to test it out. should only take a few minutes for something like that.

    for a new AGP card i would try an independent computer shop to see if they have any old AGP cards like an ATI rage or something like an S3 virge. im sure they would go for less than 20 bucks or if your lucky they might give it to you for nothing cause there probably just going to throw it out anyway.
  12. It's not AGP, it's PCI-E.
  13. Card's about as old as the 3850 line of card. So pretty old.
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