I bought a new mb & cpu

Hey everyone. I recently sold my Q9550 and EVGA 750i FTW mobo on ebay in order to "downgrade" a little and pocket a little cash for my new ground up build next spring. Now I have these coming:


CPU: AMD Phenom II x2 550

I went with a DDR2 motherboard since I still have my 4gb kit of G.Skill 1066 and didn't think it made sense to spend another $100-$120 on a kit of DDR3 memory right now when what I have is fast enough as it is. The GIGABYTE GA-MA770-UD3 is the newer revision( ) and I'm hoping that I can get lucky and be able to unlock the 2 other cores on my new cpu. If not then I'll be a little disapointed, but hey it'll still be a good cheap quality budget system. I don't plan to o/c so I went with the P2 550 to save a few bucks over the 555 BE

So far I have sold my Q9550, Evga 750i FTW mobo, one of my GTX 260 Superclocked, 4 gb DDR2 G.Skill 1066(had 8gb), and one 640gb WD Black HDD. To show for it I have a new cpu and motherboard coming, about $300 in cash put back for my next build, and an awesome new set of golf clubs. I would sell my PSU(PC P&C 750W Silencer), but since it's a year old I think it's worth more for me to keep it then it is to sell it.

Anyways just wondering what you guys think of my soon-to-be new/old build:

New Components

CPU: AMD Phenom2 550 X2

Old components

Memory: GSkill 4GB DDR2 1066
GPU: EVGA GTX 260 216 SC
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB
Sound: Creative X-Fi Xgamer
PSU: PC Power & Cooling 750W Silencer
Case: Antec 900
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    Good choice on the AMD chip. Much more cost efficient. Your power supply seems a little big for what you are packing. But as you are looking for cost efficiency you made the right choice to keep it on board.
    From the looks of it you won't be missing out on much. It's a swap I would not hesitate to do myself. I think you made a good choice for what you are looking for.
  2. I also wouldn't mind getting getting rid of my other GTX 260 in favor of an ATI 5000 series card, but would like one that compares nicely to my GTX 260 and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. My reason for this is more for power consumption thean anything else which is why I havent really jumped the gun on it quite yet. That and I'm not all that familiar with ATI cards...So here's another question...

    What ATI card would compare nicely to my GTX 260 without breaking the bank?

    Ok I found the chart and would an ATI 5770 be a good card to swap for my GTX 260?...Would it save a lot on power and be worth the hassel of selling my 260 and getting the 5770?
  3. Power savings alone, no. But gaining Eyefinity and DX11 would be. Assuming of course you get the monitors.
  4. if you already have it then stick with your Gtx 260. Sure it requires more power (and noise) but you have a 700w psu already and I assume it's a single card (no sli) so you'll be fine.
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