PSU Power OK delay = 990 ms ok or not?

I'm not very adept with a VOM, so I bought an Antec Digital PC Power Tester so I could know if it was the PSU or the MOBO that was at fault when it wouldn't start up. Well, my MOBO is back from warranty repair, but my PSU tester is complaining that the Power OK Delay is too high at 990 ms. How subjective is this reading? Does it really matter if it is 90 ms higher than the tester thinks it ought to be? Thanks, Bill
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  1. Does the computer start-up?
  2. mhelm1 said:
    Does the computer start-up?

    Don't know yet. Today's the first block of time I've had to put things back together. I'll post again after I flip the switch.
  3. mhelm1 said:
    Does the computer start-up?

    Yes, it starts up ok. I guess that means that the MOBO was ok with the extra 90 ms on PG eventhough the tester complained.
    Thanks, Bill
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