CPU Compatability Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 (REV 1.0)

I've got this mobo: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=2722#ov

I've seen the CPU support list (on the right side of that page, go ahead and click it) change on almost a monthly basis. Sometimes newer processors are added, and then suddenly removed from the list.
Specifically I want to know: Does the GA-MA770-DS3 support either the PHENOM II X4 920, or the PHENOM II X4 940?

I found two official Gigabyte CPU-support lists that give conflicting "supported/non supported" designations for these two processors.

The un-supported one: you'll have to click "CPU SUPPORT" on the right side of the page from the link I posted above.

The supported one: (just scroll down to see the AM2+ list)

Make sure that you're viewing (REV. 1.0) on BOTH of those lists!

Also, I found this 3rd-party list that AGAIN lists the two processors as supported. You'll have to scroll down to find "Phenom II X4" but it should be easy : http://www.cpu-upgrade.com/mb-Gigabyte/GA-MA770-DS3(rev._1.0).html

Anyways, I built my system myself, but as for the enthusiast/advanced knowledge I just don't have the experience or the education in computer science to understand it. Any advice or expert knowledge on the subject would be so appreciated. I want to upgrade my system.

Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 (REVISION 1.0) With the SB600 south-bridge.
BFG 650 Watt PSU
AMD Athlon X2 5000+ 2.6 ghz
Thermaltake Soprano Case
A-Data 2x1GB DDR2 800 (running dual channel 1.8 volts standard)
Western Digital BLACK 500GB 7200 RPM
PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 1GB
Creative SB Audigy
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  1. i have that mobo don't use it anymore i had the phenom2 x3 720 working in it
    if you need a copy of my bios let me know still not positive if it supported the 920 or 940 ?
    at one time it did support the phenom 2's not all and i read on anandtech back when i got it that some am2+
    mobo fried when running 125 watt cpu i noticed that there suport list listed 125w cpu's and i overclocked my 95w 720
    don't think it was a problem but might not want to oc if you get one and it works
    if you live near a microcenter you can get a free mobo when you buy a amd cpu some good deals prices
  2. Looking at reviews on newegg that mobo has issues with 125w or above CPU's which would be the 920 and 940, even though it says it supports it.

    I dont see the 920 and 940 on that list but I see the 925 and 945 which is strange.
  3. I think in the near future I'm going to try and find one of the faster AM2+ versions of the Athlon X2, maybe the 7750 with an L3 cache.

    For now I bought a nice huge after-market CPU cooler and I may experiment with over-clocking. Thanks for the advice. I'll pop up here in the overclocking section I'm sure.
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