How to Format a Seagate GoFlex cinema 3 TB

No puedo utilizar una unidad Seagate Goflex Cinema de 3 TB en un imac a traves de una caja externa Fw y usb 2.0.Solo me reconoce unos 800 Gb, con su caja, como interface, si reconoce los 3Tb.
¿como puedo hacer para que se comporte como una unidad de disco convencional y poder utilizarla en cualquier caja externa?
Gracias y saludos

I can not use a Seagate GoFlex Cinema 3 TB in a imac through an external case Fw and usb 2.0. Only recognize me about 800 Gb, with its box as interface, if it recognizes the 3TB.
How I can do to behave like a conventional disk drive and can use it on any external box?
Thanks and regards
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  1. Do you have a windows laptop or desktop?

    Also, do you have any data that you backed up already?
  2. Both, if also I have the backup. thanks

    Ambas, si tambien tengo la copia de seguridad.
  3. Okay, when you format you will lose all data make sure you save important data on another hard drive or USB stick.

    Plug the 3TB Hard drive into the laptop or desktop that works.

    Download EaseUS Home Edition.

    Then install program->open program->click on Go to Main Screen

    Right-click on Hard Drive and click on Format Partition, Choose NTFS. Click on okay and Apply.
  4. Gracias por tu ayuda.
    He descubierto que el problema esta en la interface de las cajas, sata a usb o sata a firewire que no son capaces de reconocer mas de 2 tb, ahora tengo que buscar alguna interface que soporte mas de 2 tb.
    Una vez mas, muchas gracias por tu atencion.
  5. Sorry for the language of the previous message, forget the English, here in this language. regards.

    Thanks for your help. I found that the problem is in the interface of the boxes, sata to sata usb to firewire or are not able to recognize more than 2 TB, now I have to look any interface that supports more than 2 TB. Again, thank you very much for your attention. regards
  6. Oh don't worry. I google translated your words and it matched what you said a little bit. Hopefully, you can find the correct interface.
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