My laptop is broken. Headphone jack + Long Metal Rod = Not starting

My laptop is broken. Headphone jack + Long Metal Rod = Not starting anymore.

I am not looking to find out exactly what it is that was broken inside of the laptop, though that would be nice, I am simply looking for an answer as to whether or not this would be an expensive fix or a cheap fix at a computer repair shop.

My son put a long metal rod into the headphone jack, while the laptop was running. It went about 3 to 4 inches into the laptop, at which point it hit something. When it hit this something the computer turned off, and in addition the long metal rod was burnt at the very tip of the rod. Now the power cord light flashes on and off when the battery is in the laptop, and when the cord is plugged into the laptop.

I think the metal rod hit some component inside of the computer. I know far more about software than I do hardware. But I have disassemble the laptop to the best of my ability to get photographs of where the rod was inserted.

Laptop info:
The laptop model is a Tecra A8-EZ8512.


Headphone Jack -

Rod Not Inserted into Headphone Jack -

Rod All of the Way Inserted into Headphone Jack -

This is What is Directly above the Headphone Jack. I could not find a way to look underneath this. -

Thank you in advance to anybody that replies.
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  1. while there is a good chance you can find that board on ebay and replace it yourself, i dont see investing funds into that as a worthwhile endevor. A new more powerful laptop could be had cheaply and you could sell parts of the old one to recoup a significant portion of the the new one; such as the drives, memory, screen, keybd...

    This one is on sale for $374...

    If you took this laptop to a repair shop you would quickly find that toshiba parts are not cheap, often costing more than the original whole laptop.
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