My new computer vs. Crysis

Basically I just built a new computer for many reasons one of which being so it can run crysis on Very High graphics at 1920x1080 res and no AA... which it STILL can't do. I don't get a whole lot of lag during open enviornments but rather during shoot outs. plz help cause last time i checked my computer shouldn't have any issues MAXING out Crysis (btw I still even get lag on just High graphics)...

My Specs.

Windows 764bit Home Premium
Antec 1200 Case
1000W BFG 12V/2.2 PSU
Asus M4A79XTD EVO AM3 Mobo
AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2ghz Black Edition CPU w/ Thermaltake SpinQ Heatsink
8GB (4x2GB) G. Skill RipJaws DDR3 1600 Memory
Crossfired 2 x ATI XFX HD4850 512GB GDDR3 GPU's
WD 1TB 7200rpm Caviar black
2 x Sony DVD-RW 24x
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  1. Well, your Phenom II X4 955 is bottlenecking your two HD 4850s in CrossFireX first of all. Secondly, the HD 5970, which performs around twice as fast as your HD 4850 CFX setup, can only run Crysis Very High at 1920 x 1200 2x AA at around 40 - 50FPS on average. So really, I wouldn't expect too much from two HD 4850s - considering that they are being a bit bottlenecked by a Phenom II X4 955 as well. Crysis is a very demanding game.
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