4870 1GB CF/PSU Question

In relation to this question, will my PSU support 2x4870's in CF? I believe the wattage would be alright, but it only has 2x6pin PCIE connectors when a 4870 says it requires 2 itself, which means I would need 4. I've heard of people running them without 4 though, is that possible? Why would it state that it supports SLI and Crossfire? Any input would be great.


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  1. Your link doesn't work so I can't tell which one it is. However, there are cards which only require 1 PCI-E plug each, so its crossfire/SLI certified for those types most likely. Also- you can use 2x4 pin Molex connector to 6pin PCI-e connector adapters and get the other 2 plugs you need.
  2. Link is fixed, sorry about that.

    Yes I am interested about the adapter idea, since I know that is my only other option other than buying a new power supply. If I have to buy another power supply I might as well just buy a 5870 and I don't want to do that. I figure adding another 4870(if possible) is a better deal.

    So, how reliable are these molex-PCIE adapters? Also, is this the right one?

  3. It is the right one and reliability is good. It is just like an extension lead.
  4. Your PSU can supply 48A on the 12V rails. You should be fine aslong as you dont have alot of HDD's, optical drivers ETC....

    And that adapter will work. Although you should have recieved a molex to 6 pin with each 4870.
  5. So that would be a good one to get. Ok.

    What about my power supply in general? You think it will handle it without issue?

    Here are my full specs currently:

    Intel Core 2 Q6600 G0 @ 3.5ghz
    4GB OCZ Reaper HPC Edition PC2-8500
    Asus P5Q Pro
    XFX ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB
    Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB 7200 RPM HD
    OCZ StealthStream 600w PSU
    OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Heatsink
    Hanns·G HG-281DPB 28" LCD
    Auzentech X-Fi Forte Soundcard
  6. Yeah should be fine : )

    Hey I managed CF 4870's on a CoolerCrap Real-Crap M700
  7. Yup- that PSU should do you as long as you aren't OCing a ton, or running tons of HDD's etc. That adapter is fine, but you may get some with whatever 4870 you buy to crossfire with it, and did you not already get one with the 4870 you have?
    Also- don't run both Prime95 and Furmark at the same time- that puts a stress and power load on your CPU and GPU that you will never see in the real world of running your PC and it could be too much.
  8. I don't have anything else hooked up to it, it's a pretty bare system overall, with just the basic components. So I would be set to buy another XFX 4870 1GB then you think? I will check to see if I got a cable with the 4870 when I get home, never thought of that.

    How was your experience with the 4870's omgitzfatal? Why do you have a 5850 now? :p
  9. you should be set for Xfire. I'm loving my little xfire setup and I loved my old 4870.
  10. So I checked in the 4870 box and found that 2 cables came with it, but they don't look like the one mentioned above. Instead they look like this, will this work or should I get the one above?

  11. that one should work just fine. Don't need to get any more :-)
  12. flyinfinni said:
    that one should work just fine. Don't need to get any more :-)

    Oh? But how? The 4870 came with two cables like that. That means I'd have to be using 4 molex connectors in order to have 2 PCIEs.
  13. Use the PCIE power connectors along with the molex adapters. If you don't have enough plugs doing that then OCZ really fails.
  14. That is correct. The other adapter did the same thing, it just had the option for a 6pin OR 8pin PCI-E connection. you would have needed to use 4 Molex connectors for it too. A single molex connector does not provide enough power for a PCI-E connector.
  15. I think I understand. Why do I feel like this is going to be huge fail? haha. I'm really thinking my PSU is going to explode or something along those lines.
  16. Your PSU should be fine man. It's a good supply with what ought to be enough power for 2x4870. They just didn't put 4 PCI-E connectors on it.
  17. I'm a little worried about heat too since the cards are going to be pretty close, but then again, the 4870's are hot in general. My card is about 63c right now. I wonder what it will be like when I throw the other one in haha.
  18. Might get extra warm- maybe throw an extra case fan in there to blow right on the 2 of them. Should still be ok though.
  19. It's not like you're the only one with that setup. I'm sure there are 100s of systems running the same thing.
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