Computer wont boot, getting error "no CPU"

well i let my mom use my laptop and she forgot to plug in the power cord, so later when i go to use it, when i flip the screen up, it loads, then just dies on me.

so i plug eveything up and when i load it, the windows recovery screen pops up & i get the two options,
do the setup recovery, or start windows normally. i choose the second option.

well it wont load and it takes me back to the recovery screen and i choose the setup recovery one.

after that it says cant fix this computer automatically and i click the detail button and it shows everything is fine just there is no CPU, and to just finish and turn off the coputer.

i tried again and i keep getting the same results.

this has never happened to me before on any computer/laptop and i have a dell studio laptop(vista)
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  1. tried it... still no luck :-(
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