ASRock P67 Extreme6 PCI-E x1 Concern / P67 Motherboard Choice

Hi all,

I'm looking at upgrading to a sandy bridge i5 2500k or i7 2600k in the next week or so and am trying to choose a motherboard.

I will be buying from the below, as I live in Australia;

I need a crossfire board with 2 slots between as I run crossfired 6870s with Accelero Xtreme Coolers (at the time a reference model + this cooler was cheaper than any of the non reference versions :) )

However, I also need a PCI-E x1 slot accessible for my Xonar Essence STX.

Basically the three models I'm looking at are;

Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 $219
ASUS P8P67 PRO $235
ASRock P67 Extreme6 $216

The ASRock is the best equipped of the lot in terms of larger cooling, onboard switches, 16Phase power etc - though I'm somewhat reserved with ASRock as a company, as overclocking is a big factor for this purchase.

I trust Gigabyte but that model has moderate cooling and has not moved to the nice new graphical BIOS, and the ASUS here is fairly overpriced for its specification. (as are the higher end boards by both manufacturers)

However the cooling on the ASRock board appears to my eyes that it would block a full length sound card being installed in the top PCI-E x1 slot as it isn't rebated or low profile??

Wondering whether others think this will be a problem also - and would like some opinions on the better choice at our inflated AUS prices.

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  1. I'm going back and forth on the extreme6 and the extreme4. Not a huge price difference. Did you decide on one?
  2. I will be purchasing the P8P67 Pro ASUS. I am sort of bias toward the company though, due to great products.

    That pricetag makes me sad for you

    The GIGABYTE seems like a good product as well and has had good reviews. If you can wait a couple more days, wait until people have had theirs for a little while and look at consumer reviews.
  3. I would go with the Xtreme6 and install the sound card in the 2nd PCIe x1 slot. It should still provide adequate cooling that way.

    ASUS owns ASRock, so I fully trust their boards.
  4. ^thanks
    I have this video card
    intel 2500K
    antec 300 case

    Was going to place it in the #1 slot so long as it fits. Didn't think about placing it in other slots.

    pricetag makes you sad for me? It's sensible to compare price vs performance. If performance gained in extreme6 vs 4 is greater than cost difference then that's a good decision.
    I also looked at that asus pro motherboard too. It's a possibility but so far these asrock boards seem a better punch for price and they are owned by asus so.... informed decision.
    I'll wait a day or two longer to see any reviews. Already caught one on the extreme4 from toms released today showing it to be a very good board but they didn't have the extreme6 in the comparisons.
  5. I was just saying the price sucks on the ASUS pro because here it's only 189
  6. I ended up grabbing the p8p67 PRO, despite it's high markup in Aus.

    Reason being I decided against the ASrock extreme6 because I'm certain my sound card would clash with the heatsink in it's top pcie-x1 and the other would be covered by my gpus, as would be the case with the evo/deluxe asus or ud5 and above.

    Also the ASrocks are not in stock for awhile and wanted to offload my x4 965/gpa-ud3h secondhand before their price drops as a result of sandybridge release.

    Didn't grab the ud4 because gigabyte hasn't moved to the new bios and reviews showed the Asus running cooler and overclocking higher.

    Essentially I think I got the best board currently available in Aus that fits 2x 3 slot gpus and my pci-e x1 essence stx.

    Regardless I wouldn't be sandwiching a 200$ sound card between 2 hot gpus even if I could.
    Building it tomorrow on my day off - will post my thoughts when it's done
  7. Nice, totally forgot you're in aus. I'm in US.

    I'll just have the 1 gpu for now, may get a second in the near future. The onboard sound should do just fine I'd imagine. I have some good logitech speakers and will also utilize the coaxial out (maybe the optical if I can free up a spot on my receiver).

    Mostly video working for me (encoding, transcoding etc.) but will dive into a bit of gaming as I'll have a PC capable. I currently have a single core 2.2mhz amd from 6 yrs ago with 2gb ddr ram (yes, original ddr 1!) so I'm obviously outdated.
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    I have the AsRock P67 Extreme 6 and will confirm the heatsink does block the use of a Sound Blaster X-Fi in the top most PCIe x1 slot.

    Installing a device into the middle PCIe x1 slot will still work, but I believe using this slot will limit the 3rd PCIe x16 slot to work at 1x speed instead of 4x as advertised.
  9. Thanks for confirming that secured2k, glad I went with the P8P67 Pro (best motherboard I could find without a heatsink in that spot), since I couldn't use the middle slot with 3slot GPUs :)
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