Pc wireless reciever for windows

soeey for asking too many questions :\
but i just got a wireless gaming reciever to use my xbox controller on my pc

some places say to do this
[cpp]Right click on Computer
Go to Properties
Click on Device Manager
Right click on the Unidentified Device
Go to Properties
Go to the Drive tab
Click on Update Driver…
Browse my computer for driver software
Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
Windows Common Controller for Window Class
Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: [8/13/2009]
Update Driver Warning
Click Yes[/cpp]

but i couldnt find a way for win XP only win 7
also i cant find the "Windows Common Controller for Window Class "
any body has a way for
Win XP 32 bit
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  1. Go back into the Properties of the device and click the Details tab. Scroll to HardwareIDs and take a note of the four characters which follow VEN for Vendor and also the four following DEV for Device.

    Go to http://www.pcidatabase.com and input those characters in the two relevant boxes and follow the trail to the right driver. When you find the list of the Vendor's drivers, they aren't in order so use your browser's Find facility to track the Device details. With luck you'll have an executable file but some will be a zipped folder.
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