The optimal combination of CPU and graphic card

Hi everybody!
I need a powerful working station for editing HD video clips each around 2 hours of length.

What will be quicker: 1 processor X5680 and graphic card PNY Quadro FX4800 1536 MB GDDR3-RAM or 2 processors 2 x Intel Xeon Processor X5670 (2,93 GHz, SixCore, 12MB Cache, 64Bit, HT, TB) and graphic card PNY Quadro FX3800 mit 1024 MB GDDR3-RAM.

The prices of both variants are comparable.
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  1. depends on what software you will be using. If it can use gpu processing or not and how well threaded it is (or isn't)
  2. Someone tell me if I am wrong, but I don't think you should be looking at workstation graphics cards for your usage.
  3. Damn straight from Enzo.. Workstation cards, especially at those prices, are non beneficial for video editing usage.. At the same time, a dual Xeon setup is also overkill.. A single fast processor paired with good amount of RAM and speedy storage is what you should be looking for.. The point of using a workstation card here would be surely based on their lower power usage as compared to their respective desktop counterparts.. So you should be looking for an i7 980X, at least 12 GB of RAM and few high speed SSD's for OS and apps and traditional hard drives for backup and storage..
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