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Hey I was wanting to replace the fans that I have in my hades case, I really want something to push a lot of air and they need to have either blue or red leds. Also sound doesn't matter to much because of my speakers. I would like to stay under 100 or 75 if possible and they need to be a good name brand here's what I need.

2x80mms for my cpu cooler needs to be 80x80x25 (lxwxh)
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  1. Yeah that's a good idea but I can't because it's my dad buying them, see he owns a computer store a was getting ready to make an order for a butt load of fans. And he told me I could get some new one if I wanted, I would have just done you idea but he's already made an order for a bunch of cases. But I may be able to get one of the case when they get to his store.
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    I have always been impressed with Evercool's line of fans that utilize their "Ever Lubricate bearing". They are quiet, little to no vibration... and push a great deal of air. They also have a great life span. (have had 4 in my case running almost non stop for 3 years now, nadda problem one)

    Check 'em out.

    *edit* Realized link was messed up, fixed.
  3. 7 fans for $100??

    cooler master has some blue LED fans for around $11-14 each

    i prefer antec tri-cool fans but they go for $15-20
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