Quad core or Dual core @ 4.0ghz?

Okay so currently I'm going to add some new stuff to my PC to make it better for gaming, and faster.

My current specs:
E5200 2.5ghz dual core
2GB ram DDR2
220gt 1gb ddr3
500GB sata hdd 7,700 RPM
23" 1920x1080 reso.

Should i either; keep the dual core, get a new motherboard like a P31-P41-P43-P45 and a vandetta 2 or a hyper TX2 and overclock to 3.8ghz or 4.0ghz, get a new powersupply and 5770 HD.


Sel my cpu and vga. Get a new Quad core either the Q6600 or the Q9550, the vandetta 2 or a hyper TX2 and keep my P6NGM-L. Buy a new power supply and the 5770 HD.

I play games like mw2,cs:s,cs 1.6,l4d2 @ 1920x1080 resolution.

What would be better, if i get either one of the quads i'll try and overclock them to like 3.3ghz or so with the cpu coolers.

Please guys i need direct answers, no need to confuse me more than i am already lol.
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    I would go with the Quad-core route; 1) Better overall performance with the Q9550 at 3.3 Ghz or so :) , 2) It will be a bigger challenge getting the E5200 to your purposed overclocks.

    Next comment... The 5770 will not provide "max" gaming performance at 1920x1080. You'll want a 5850 or higher for that resolution.
  2. Bahaha -.-

    I think if i had the cash to get the 5850 i would get it lol, my budget is freaking tight >.< im trying to get the best vga i can get. I wanted the 260gtx but here its like 2x the price of the 5770 and there almost the same.
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