2GB memory Card Now Just 40MB...

I have 2GB Micro SD memory card Of strotium Class 6

What problem with them i don't know But now It have space just 40MB only

I tried Many tools software But It not working Properly....
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  1. Hello,

    If that formatter tool does not work - most likely your SD card has gone kaput. You can only write to them so many times - as they do not last forever (just like the engine in a vehicle).

    A 2GB SD card probably goes for less than 5 bucks these days (if you can even find one as small as 2GB). Heck they even throw in a "free" 8GB SD cards in certain Radio/DVD combo players.
  2. Now that's interesting, are you able to quick format it? You will lose data when that happens. Let me know the results.
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