Need Help Buying a Monitor,


my requirements are,

must be 24 inch,

used to mazimise productivity as i do half my hours from home.
+ used as a gaming computer.
i do watch movies but im not too serious aout getting the extra features for movie only,

heres the option i have researched.

Dell G2410 £240

Dell ST2410 205 (this one is HD)

Acer S243HL 255

Dell UltraSharp U2410 450

the last one is given very high rating by reviewers the typical 24 inch monitor is 2-300 pounds. But this thing jumps up another 150.

One thing to keep in note i want best product for the price. so i would consider the ultrasharp dell but only if it can be justified. if you were to get this over the other what would be your reason.

The frame of mind i am in now im willin to go with any othe the 250 range.

any ideas,

i can only buy from overclokcers uk, scan uk and novatech uk.
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  1. The reason the UltraSharp is so much more is because it is an IPS panel monitor. IPS panels have wider viewing angles. If you have an LCD panel right now, most likely it's a TN panel monitor. TN panels are known for their poor viewing angles but much cheaper to produce than IPS panels. The other three you listed are TN panel monitors as far as I can tell.

    All of the choices minus the IPS monitor are generally the same. The poorest choice might be the first monitor (G2410) since it's the only one with no HDMI input. All three do support full-HD, though. So it's pretty much down to the second Dell and the Acer. I'm not a find of either brands, so I wouldn't want either of them. Try looking around for a Samsung or ASUS monitor instead.
  2. It all depends. Will this be use for gaming or for entertainment?

  3. Uh, They are the same?

    And read the Op much?

    "Gaming" and "Work"
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