Full ATI Catalyst Suite or Display Drivers Only

My new Saphire HD 5770 arrives tonight (thanks to any here who helped me decide).
I know there were some issues with ATI drivers, but I'm confident (pray) that with a complete uninstall of my NVIDIA drivers using "driver sweeper", "driver cleaner pro" and "CCleaner" (registry), that the new ATI install will be smooth.

I see that 3/24 are the latest ATI drivers and that the Catalyst Suite is recommend. Is this really best, or am I better off (stability wise) just getting the Display Drivers Only?

Haven't owned an ATI since my "9800Pro way back when".

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    If you are not planning to overclock and tweak the drivers is all you need.
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  3. I'd recommend installing CCC so you can force settings (like AA and AF) and have control over Graphics Optimizations.
  4. Thanks EXT64 - Even though I marked rolli59 best answer (for letting me know I didn't HAVE to have it (And I hadn't seen yours yet), I did download the full CCC.

    Why would I want to force AA/AF? Is this something that overrides a game's settings?
  5. Well, if a Game doesn't have those settings it is necessary. Now, most new games have the proper options, but some do not. Mainly I use it on older games, like (first one that comes to mind) Oblivion that does not allow you to use HDR and AA, even though modern cards are quite capable.

    Another option is to set the level of Driver level optimizations. This is something the game cannot do, and I do not know what drivers alone would default to.
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